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Some Facts About Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

There are many types of sleep disorders and one of them is obstructive sleep apnoea. People who suffer from it can experience recurrent episodes of upper airway collapse during their sleeps. Individuals snoring heavily soon after getting to bed are more likely to get obstructive sleep apnoea.

The most obvious symptom for obstructive sleep apnoea is the snoring is interrupted several times by a long silent period. During this silent period, it seems there is no breathing and thereafter a loud snort and gasp happens as the individual tries to breathe. People suffering from this health condition have very low quality sleep over the night and this will cause them feel sleepy throughout the day.

Some other obstructive sleep apnoea symptoms include waking up with a dry mouth, waking up feeling out of breath, high frequency visits to the bathroom during the night, insomnia and morning headaches, etc.

One thing should be mentioned is that people who are overweight, or smokers, or males, or over 65 years old have higher chance to experience obstructive sleep apnoea than other individuals. It brings many disadvantages to people affected with it. It may make your neck thick, tonsils enlarged and other medical conditions, etc.

If you or anyone close to you is believed to be affected with obstructive sleep apnoea, then you need to ask for medical assistance as soon as possible. You may be first asked to be a sleep test for confirmation. Consulting with a professional and finding a good treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea immediately is the most smart choice for people who suffer from it.

Blog's Author: Sophia Wongyor

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